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Lovemaps, by John Money, PhD, paperback, 331 pages, 1986, Irvington Publishers.
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Clinical concepts of sexual/erotic health and pathology, childhood, adolescence, and maturity.

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If you have a native language, you also have a native lovemap. Dr. John Money has coined the term "lovemap" to describe the mental template expressed in every individual's sexuoerotic fantasies and practice.

According to Dr. Money, lovemap pathology has its genesis early in life, but manifests itself in full after puberty. The author gives us a close examination of paraphilia, a lovemap that in response to the neglect, suppression, or traumatization of its normophilic formation has developed with distortions, and is legally referred to as perversion.

This book features:

This book delineates new principles regarding the development of human sexuality and eroticism in health and in pathology, from fetal life through childhood to adolescence and adulthood. Technical and uncommon terms used in the book are defined in a glossary, making Lovemaps an interesting and useful resource to the professional as well as the non-specialist.

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